Ravileela Granites
  • The 1163 AD architectural wonder at Warangal, Thousand Pillar Temple, leaves everyone at awe with carved embellished granite temple roof.
  • Kakatiya thoranam, a grand representation of the kakatiya heritage and now the Emblem of Telangana, is also a granite sculptural delight.
  • Considered the largest monolithic sculpture of India, the granite artistry of the Lepakshi Nandi sculpture mesmerizes any beholder.
  • Hampi’s pride, Vittala Temple’s chariot, is a shrine built in granite in the shape of a chariot to represent the vehicle of the deity Lord Vishnu.
  • One of the largest temples in India, and over a thousand years old, Brihadeeshwara Temple in Thanjavur is a spectacle, entirely built in granite.